Transforming wound care together

No two wounds are alike. Each healing process is different. And there’s no consistent advice on when and how often to change a dressing. In addition, a staggering number of people all over the world are in need of less painful and quicker wound healing. In spite of the challenges, we’re convinced that together with our medical solutions partners, our technology can transform wound care.

Odinwell optical technology offers new ways of extending knowledge and exploring insights into the healing process of a covered wound. Together with our partners, this knowledge can be transformed into new types of products and more efficient wound care management, improving patient outcomes and quality of life, while reducing costs, environmental impact and the need for time-intensive labor.

Enhance your current range of dressings

Integrating Odinwell optical technology into an existing dressing is an easy and straightforward process. We customize the manufacture of the optical sensor layer to our partners’ specifications. The layer is delivered in a continuous roll for easy fitting into most converting machines. With the addition of a transponder, the enhanced dressing is ready for sale.

Once the dressing is applied on a patient, the requested data is transmitted to the Odinwell processing and communication server for analysis. A report is instantaneously generated and sent to a wound care advisory tool managed by our partners and/or their customers. The information will directly benefit the individual patient as well as contribute to more in-depth knowledge about the healing process and the impact of particular dressings.

Animated illustration of the manufacturing process with conveyor and the optical sensor layer on a drum being embedded in the wound dressing.

Voice your needs and explore new ideas

Odinwell optical technology is still in virgin territory and there are many exciting possibilities to explore. With full focus on your needs, we’re currently inviting medical solution providers to partner with us in different development projects. It’s an inspiring time with dramatic advances being made in areas such as secure remote care and AI-supported diagnostics. Contact us to find out how you can be part of transforming wound care management.

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