Sensing, responding, reporting

Odinwell optical technology makes it possible to accurately assess the healing state of a wound below the protective barrier of a dressing. This unique, patented technology is optimized for high-volume production and can easily, at a low cost, be adapted to a vast range of dressings and new products. This is how it works.

Illustration of patient laying in bed with wound dressing and a cutaway image showing the dressing, the optical sensor layer and the transponder.

1. A regular wound care dressing is enhanced with an optical sensor layer and a transponder.

2. The optical sensor layer – the eyes of the system – is added to a wound dressing during the manufacturing process.

3. The sensors are connected to a transponder that emits fluorescent light to the sensors. Each sensor is set up to detect one or two physical qualities – biomarkers – using different wavelengths of the emitted light. This can include indication of temperature changes or transition from inflammation to infection.

4. If a biomarker, or a certain amount of it, is present, it affects the light. A modulated light signal is sent back to the transponder.

5. The transponder wirelessly transmits the data to a processing and communication server – the brain of the system.

5. Next, the requested information, such as the presence of blood or fluids, is sent to a wound state advisory tool, which can be a computer, smart phone or smart watch, and appropriate actions can be taken.

Optical sensor layer

Flexible and versatile

  • Flexible amount of sensors
  • Each sensor can be customized for specific biomarkers and physical units, such as temperature
  • With no metals or electronics, it can be used during MRI scans
  • Doesn’t affect how to dispose of the dressing
  • Delivered on a continuous roll for easy integration with converting machines


Discreet and reusable

  • Connected to the sensor layer via optical fiber
  • Placed beside the dressing
  • Small and discreet (insert approximate size)
  • Reusable
  • Bluetooth connection

Processing and communication server

Removing the guesswork

  • Collects and analyzes data
  • Systematically extracts information
  • Relays requested information to customer systems

Wound state advisory tool

Supporting healthcare professionals and patients

Applications are developed by our customers for the systems and electronic devices of their choice. Healthcare professionals can access an accurate wound state report through the hospital information system. Later, when it’s time to change a dressing, patients can receive alerts on their smart watch, for example.