Our team

Klas Arildsson
Klas is a seasoned leader with a passion for providing products and solutions that can support people, who have suffered serious illness or injuries, to a better life. His career spans over 20 years in life science and medical device. Most recently he has devoted his time to smaller companies and startups with potentials. His goal with Odinwell is to build a sustainable, profitable company that operates over time and provides great value to patients, healthcare, and society.
Advisor and co-founder
Patrik Byhmer
As one of the co-founders of Odinwell, Patrik combines valuable insights from leading roles in global medtech distribution and marketing with a keen eye for innovations that harbor transformative powers and great benefits to people. Currently the CEO of Redsense, Patrik helps shape Odinwell in the role of advisor, focusing on product and business development that will improve outcomes for patients, partners and healthcare at large.
CTO and co-founder
Patrik Strömsten
Serial innovator, entrepreneur and business developer with a M. Sc. Technical Physics in Engineering Physics. Patrik’s resume is as impressive as his ability to transfer and recombine technology from different areas into something, truly, groundbreaking. As co-founder of Odinwell, Patrik is in charge of the continued development of the wound care platform and of finding more ways to help reduce suffering and improve people’s quality of life.
Advisor sales and marketing
Susanne Olauson
In her various roles within product development and sales, Susanne has played a vital part in bringing medtech products and solutions, from a range of renowned companies, to wider markets. Her drive is the ability to make a real difference in the lives of people. She is using her experience and knowledge to build awareness of the many benefits and mindboggling possibilities of the Odinwell optical technology.
Technology development
Josefine Strömsten
Josefine is the most junior member of the team. She has, however, had a clear purpose long before setting eyes on an engineering degree at the prestigious Chalmers University of Technology; to apply and advance technology in ways that truly benefits humanity. At Odinwell she’s found a place where she can realize that mission and be part of a paradigm shift within wound care.

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