New eyes on an ancient challenge

Since ancient times people have used different wound dressings to try to stop bleeding, speed up healing and cope with chronic wounds. What started with herbs and ointments has in modern times grown into a multibillion-dollar industry with advanced wound care dressings in all kinds of ingenious materials, shapes and sizes. One challenge, however, has remained the same – knowing when, and how often, to change a dressing.

A light in dark places

Convinced there must be a way to find out what’s going on below the barrier of a dressing, two colleagues – both, by the way, called Patrik – set out to find a solution. Using their extensive knowledge in fiber optics and manufacturing, they came up with an optical sensor layer that is applied into a dressing and connected to a tiny light-emitting transponder. And here’s the beauty of the system. Each sensor can be set up to indicate a specific biomarker. If, for example, blood is present, the sensor for that biomarker reports back to the transponder. In short, Patrik and Patrik have made it possible – for the very first time – to “see” the state of a covered wound in real time.



Thinking big picture

But that’s not all. To reduce suffering and help improve wound healing on a grand scale, this innovation is designed for easy use and accessibility from the start. With a flexible setup of sensors, the layer can be integrated into most dressings during the production process. Manufacturers also have the option to customize and further develop sensors for biomarkers. And the product, containing no metals or electronics, is also easy on the environment.

Origin of Odinwell

Finally, Patrik and Patrik wanted this innovation to be known under a name that somehow captured its very essence – the ability to transform wound care through new ways of seeing. They went to old Norse mythology for inspiration. As legend has it, Odin sacrificed one of his eyes into the well of wisdom to learn about the world and become wise and all-seeing. And there you have it – Odinwell.