Testing lab

Odinwell’s testing lab completed – has the fastest high-resolution 3D printing system on the market installed.

Odinwell AB (“Odinwell”) has recently finalised the company’s testing lab, which will be a key part in the development of smart bandages and plasters. Among the equipment in the lab is the fastest high-resolution 3D printing system on the market. Already now, Odinwell has, using the 3D printer, achieved a milestone in managing to successfully print 3D structures which are of high-resolution and in-line with the future product needs.

Odinwell optical technology provides a completely new way of looking at the complex healing process of a wound, without removing the dressing. Currently, the company is in development phase, with an ambition to have a prototype ready in 2022 and launch the product along with a partner in 2023.

The company’s testing lab is located in Mölnlycke, Sweden, and was recently finalised. In the lab, Odinwell has recently with success produced high-resolution 3D printing structures. The structures have been made using a 3D printer named NanoOne. NanoOne is the fastest high-resolution 3D printing system on the market. It is based on multiphoton lithography and combines the precision of 2-photon polymerization with an unmatched throughput of up to 200 mm³ per hour. This makes the system suitable not only for scientific research approaches and multi-user facilities but also for the batch and small series production of industrially applied microparts.

Since the delivery of the 3D printer in the spring 2021, Odinwell has combined the 3D printer with other technologies and the company’s internal design process, with the ambition to find the best structures for the company’s future products. Examples of technologies are design of meta material structures, optical structures and micrometer sized sensor structures. Examples of internal design processes are FEM by using COMSOL Multiphysics, advanced microscope systems and advanced fluorescence spectrophotometer systems.

Odinwell sends a great thank you to all involved in the construction of the testing lab. The lab with all equipment, along with other technologies and our internal design process are together the key elements for future success.

For further information on Odinwell, please contact:

Susanne Olauson
CEO Odinwell AB (publ)
E-mail: firstname.lastname(at)odinwell.com
Homepage: www.odinwell.com

About Odinwell
Odinwell is developing in the field of wound care and has developed a patented technology for smart bandages and plasters. The technology platform enables cost-effective and continuous optical measurement of substances such as blood and wound fluids by analyzing changes in, for example, temperature and pressure in bandages and plasters. The company is in the development phase and intends to have a product ready for market introduction during the latter part of 2023.